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Why do businesses use proxy servers to collect data?
They are simple, fast and secure
Easy data access
Easily access any website from a verified IP address from anywhere in the world.
Quality data collection
Gather real-time data from various sources with web scraping tools.
Deeper insights
Target specific countries, cities, or even internet service providers.
Top 5 SOAX Benefits
The premium proxy network that your business deserves
Automate your process with API
Get your data without accessing your dashboard interface
Get a list of regions
Get a list of cities
Whitelist your IP
Get a list of all mobile carriers
Get a list of all internet service providers
This is what our customers say
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The proxy pool is reliable and allows really narrow geo targeting. It's crucial when you need to collect a particular set of data.
Sergey K.
Soax is super helpful when it comes to starting working with proxies. They have fast proxies and are a very welcoming support team — there will surely be someone to guide you through the whole setup process!
Dan L.
Head of Content Promo
Soax makes it really easier for non developers and provides extra support which is super helpful. Narrow geo targeting helped to scrape accurate needed data for our market research.
Irina K.
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SOAX is also a partner of the The World Ethical Data Forum (WEDF). The WEDF is a leading platform for exploration of the use and future of data.